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Hello Everybody! Yeah, I know it’s been long I updated and that’s because I have been super duper busy with school work. In this post I am bringing up the recipe for Hibiscus rice. This recipe is quite easy to make and it requires very few ingredients.

For this recipe you need:

1 cup of rice

½ cup Roselle leaves a.k.a Hibiscus leaves/Zobo leaves


Few tbsp of vegetable oil to taste

Now you can totally get creative with this recipe and add a few other ingredients to enhance its taste. You could add ginger, garlic e.t.c

Okay, let’s get cooking:

Rinse the zobo leaves thoroughly.

In a pot add a cup of water then the zobo leaves and bring to a boil. Let it boil for a moment (about 3 minutes) too long so as to extract as much juice from the zobo leaves.

Zobo in the pot, it's yet to boil
Retrieve the zobo juice by pouring the content of the pot into a strain or a sieve.

I always boil my zobo leaves twice to retrieve more juice from it (Ijebu girl J). Re-boil the zobo leaves (add ½ cup of water this time).

Retrieve the juice the same way you did it the other time and you can discard the zobo leaves now.

Pour back the zobo juice into the pot, rinse the rice and add the rice to the pot. Make sure you have enough zobo juice to cook the rice, if you don’t just add some water. The ratio of liquid to rice should be about 3:1.

Add some salt, veg. oil, and whatever ingredients you might like.

Cover the pot and let the rice cook for 20 - 25 minutes.

Remove the pot from heat when the rice is completely dried and soft.

Serve your hibiscus rice with any sauce of your choice, I served mine with bell peppers stir fry and it was yum and quite filling.


If you enjoyed reading this recipe then check back for other recipes, thank you.

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