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Hello people, welcome to my blog and let’s talk fried rice in this post.
Fried rice is not a stranger to Nigerian homes, occasions, parties and so on. People enjoy fried rice almost as much as they enjoy jollof rice at parties. With my fried rice recipe, I’ve got you covered. Use Khajol’s fried rice recipe to ‘wow’ your fried today.

I have got to tell you this; yes, chicken stock makes fried rice taste like heaven but you don’t have to be discouraged if you are not using chicken. I have cooked fried rice more times without chicken than with chicken and I still end up with the same delicious, mouth – watering, enticing fried rice whether I use chicken or not. To my vegan friends, you can absolutely cook fried rice without chicken and still achieve the same great taste. We don’t have to be rigid in our recipes as foodies, what makes us great cooks is the ability to bend recipes and still produce great and delicious delicacies. Meat stock is cool for this recipe but because meat stock is more concentrated than chicken stock, dilute meat stock with some water. 


Chicken stock

Fried rice spice  

Rice (3 cups)

Vegetable oil

Seasoning cubes (Knorr Chicken)


Sweet corn

Carrots (diced)

Green beans (chopped)

Green peas

Spring onions (chopped)

Liver (boiled then diced)

White pepper (optional)

For every 3 cups of rice, I use 1½ - 2 cups mixed veggies. 

Some people think the most stressful part of cooking fried rice is cutting the veggies but there are kitchen equipments for cutting veggies so you don’t have to bother yourself with the stress of cutting. You can also buy the canned mixed veggies.

Rinse the rice then parboil it. (Parboiled rice is less starchy and less sticky)
In a pot, add the chicken stock, seasoning cubes, salt, fried rice spice, white pepper and bring to a boil then add the parboiled rice. . Remember the chicken stock contains seasoning and salt already so add both sparingly. If you are using water instead of stock add a little bit of vegetable oil.  Ensure the stock is just a little bit above the rice.

When the rice dries, check to make sure it is moderately tender (it shouldn’t be too soft). If the rice is still a hard; add very little water (¼ cup or less), cover the rice with a plastic bag then cover the pot and let the rice cook on low heat until the water dries off. Remove the rice from heat and stir.
Divide the rice into 2 – 3 batches and also divide the veggies into the same amount of batches.
In a frying pan, add 3 tablespoon of vegetable oil and fry some spring onions, for flavor then add the 1st batch of veggies. Add a teaspoon of fried rice spice to enhance the veggies’ taste and fry for a minute or two.

Add the 1st batch of rice and fry (while stirring continuously). Continue the process until you run out of rice and veggies.

Serve your delicious fried rice with chicken/turkey/meat/fish, salad and chilled juice. 

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