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Hi peeps, it’s good to be able to upload finally! I’ve been quite busy with my exams and stuff so I’ve not been able to post on the blog. My posts will still be irregular for a while even though the school is on break; although I will try my best to update often. There are a lot of recipes I would have to share with you foodies but I guess you will have to be patient with me. Thanks for always sticking with me.

I photographed the step by step procedure for this recipe but I lost the pictures. I lost the step by step pictures of many recipes I’m yet to post; I refreshed my system and it turned out I forgot to retrieve a few information before hand, one of such information are the step by step pictures. It was while I was typing the recipe I realised I don’t have the pictures, I checked the camera too but they are all gone, I cut them from the camera to my computer. Anyway I decided to share the recipe even without the pictures as the procedure is quite easy, please drop a comment if there is any part of the procedure you don’t understand. I promise to update this post as soon as I have the pictures, thanks.


Palm oil

Melon egusi (ground)

2 – 3 heaped tablespoons of locust beans

6 – 8 habanero pepper

1 or 2 Tomatoes

1 large onion

Ugwu (pumpkin leaves)

Seasoning cubes Knorr


Protein (meat, fish e.t.c)

Shredded smoked fish

Chopped cow skin ponmo


Prep time: 15mins

Cooking time: 20mins


Divide the onion into two halves; chop one half and set aside

Puree the pepper, tomatoes and onion (the other half) in a blender

I always rinse my locust beans to get rid of particles, you could too but you don’t have to worry if you are using processed locust beans.

Rinse the ugwu leaves.


Heat a pot and add some palm oil, I used about 2 serving spoons of palm oil. Bleach the palm oil and pour in the chopped onions when the oil is hot enough, wait for about 10secs before adding the locust beans. Health tip: over bleached oil can be carcinogenic. Let the locust beans fry for about 20 seconds to bring out its’ flavour then add the tomato and pepper puree. Add seasoning, salt, cow skin and smoked fish.

Cook the pepper until it is properly fried. You know it’s fried when the oil and pepper separates; the oil stays on top. Add little water then add 4 - 5 tablespoons of melon and stir. Cook the melon for 8 – 10 minutes then sprinkle ugwu leaves. Remove pot from heat few seconds after adding the ugwu leaves. You don’t want to overcook the leaves so as not to lose its’ greenness.  

And ..... that’s all!

The above is one way of making egusi; egusi without lumps. If you are craving or want to cook egusi with lumps, this recipe still works, the only thing that changes is: measure out the ground egusi you would like to use, add very little water (1 teaspoon) and mix. Form the lumps by adding the egusi in small round portions into the pot.

Serve egusi soup with pounded yam or any swallow. I served mine with poundo yam (yam flour); I do not like pounded yam.
I’ve been getting awesome feedbacks from those who cooked using khajol’s recipe and i might end up posting them here; if you would love to send me pictures of dishes you cooked with my recipe, email me at
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