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Hi. Here is an interview with a food scientist, Adetiloye. Please go ahead and read about how and why Adetiloye started his ‘natural food diet’.

Khajol:               What is your name?

Continental:       My name is Adetiloye Continental

Khajol:                 Continental?

Continental:        Yeah, continental is the name I got when I was 2 years old, it stuck since then.

Khajol:                 What do you do?

Continental:        I help people live healthier and happier. I try to make food cheaper for people, in   one word I’m a retailer. I also run a farm; it’s a two acres farm.

Khajol:                 What is the name of the farm?

Continental:       Continental farm; it is located at OAU commercial farm.

Khajol:                what’s your diet like?

Continental:       I follow the ‘’natural food diet’’. Diet is a combination of several philosophy which includes vegans (those that take only greens), fruitarian, vegetarian, paleo diet e.t.c.

Khajol:                Why ‘’natural food diet’’?

Continental:       From part 2 (2nd year in the university), I became conscious of what we put into our body system and found out that 90% of diseases came from what we ate. I began to read about this, I read books like ‘Halleluyah diet’ by Reverend Malkmus, ‘The maker’s diet’, ‘what would Jesus eat?’ by Dr Cowen.  Actually, I wanted to be a nutritionist. I started studying the bible also; God told the Israelites to follow a particular eating system, in the 1800s, there was an epidemic which almost wiped out Europe except the Israelites.

                           I am a food scientist and I found out some food people eat is what is killing them. Food science started in the 1900s and since then we have had outbursts like cancer. So I really wanted to do something,

Khajol:                What are the challenges you encounter in your diet?

Continental:       Some stuffs are inaccessible; sometimes in terms of expense. So I started looking for ways to provide for myself and then for others.

Khajol:                How do you deal with cravings?

Continental:       Food cravings are psychological, most of us attribute candies, chocolates to happy moments hence we crave for them. One way I deal with cravings, although I give in sometimes, is to take foods rich in fibre, one of which is date. *offers me a date and takes one for himself*

Khajol:                What do you advise that I take or not take as a starter?

Continental:       That depends on your diet. I’m on a maintenance diet; I’m not trying to gain or lose weight, I shouldn’t even try to lose weight.

Khajol:                I’m cutting sugar, artificial foods. I just want to eat healthy.

Continental:       why?

Khajol:                I read an article about sugar being the cause of heart diseases.

Continental:       my opinion is sugar is the best thing that could happen to your body. Glucose, carbohydrates are sources of sugar. Take for example, rice contains sugar but they are complex sugars which are broken down to simple sugars with time, however soft drinks (soda) contain simple sugars which goes directly in to the body, when consumed, thereby causing a sugar spike. The danger in sugar depends on the form in which it is taken.

Khajol:                okay, so what do you think about cholesterol?

Continental:       Cholesterol is important to the body though excess is bad. It becomes excess in the body due to what we consume. Fat has an addictive nature so you always want to take in more.

Khajol:                is there any other thing you would like to add?

Continental:       Diet can be very complicated; stick to natural foods and try to avoid artificial components, include workout in your schedule, expose yourself to sunlight, sleep well, breathe in and out and take a lot of water!

Khajol:                Thanks for your time, Continental.
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