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Post credit goes to Foluso Adeosun, a skincare enthusiast, watch out for her blog. This post was composed by Foluso with some comments from me. It’s the season of dry lips so what better recipe to post than lip balm's recipe? This is an easy DIY post and it is not time consuming; I made this today with Foluso, she brought the ingredients over to my house and we made it within 25 minutes. You can order ingredients at


2 teaspoons grated beeswax

4 teaspoons coconut oil

2 teaspoons whipped shea butter

4 drops essential oil (We used 2 drops peppermint oil + 2 drops rosemary oil)



1.       Grate beeswax
Grated beeswax

2.       Whip shea butter

3.       Measure out proportions of shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil

4.       Melt in a water bath in a microwave or over a heat source

5.       Stir well to release some heat after all has melted

6.       Stir in the essential oils

7.       Pour into pretty little containers


8.       Leave to cool and solidify

9.       Walk away!!!

P.S Seriously, walk away……………you need to keep your hands off that lipbalm for at least 30 mins-1hour so that it can set!

This is a very simple base recipe for a lipbalm; the rest, i.e flavors, scents, colours et al is up to your creativity……………that’s the true DIY spirit!!
I would love to hear your feed back when you try it.

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