Saturday, 3 October 2015

THE HIJAB - from the Author's desk

Welcome back to my blog. I will be writing about the struggles of a Hijabi in this post using myself as a reference but before then I’ll introduce myself.
I am Adepoju Khadijah, the owner of this blog. I am a food explorer; I love to try my hands on new delicacies and I also love to modify recipes to my taste. I love to write; it’s how I express myself mostly. In my free time, I am a graphic designer – that’s also something I’m passionate about asides food exploring. Well, I could go on and on about myself but I think that’s okay for now; I share bits about myself in my posts so stay tuned.

Why I started blogging on modest – fashion

I do this majorly for the sisters who are yet to wear the Hijab; by impressing them with words from those who are wearing the Hijab and are doing it beautifully. Being a Hijabi, I understand the kind of effort it takes to start wearing the Hijab so I started this to make sisters aware that the will is what they need to start wearing the Hijab.
This part of the blog is also a means to reach out to my fellow Muslim sisters; those who are wearing the Hijab and are fashion loving - by exposing them to a new world of fashion which could be different from what they used to know. It’s worse enough the kind of criticism Muslims get from people in some part of the world; wearing the Hijab is an obvious evidence of being a Muslim which exposes dear sisters to such criticisms, it’s my wish to let you sisters know you are not alone in the struggle – you all keep calm and remain an Hijabi while you await the reward from your Lord.
My path to the hijab
I started wearing the Hijab fully exactly two years and seven months ago. Covering my hair was an on and off thing for me when I was little, I had two sisters who are putting on the Hijab so they were my constant source of inspiration as a little kid. Wearing the Hijab was more of a mood thing; I could decide to put it on or not and I was mostly not wearing it until 2010 when I started wrapping small scarfs just to cover my head and I would still stick out some of my hair. I was doing a preliminary program sometime in 2011 and whenever I go for Islamic programs we were constantly admonished about our deen; part of which is wearing the hijab – I was still heedless anyway.  It was not until I saw a video, THE LAST BREATH OF MAN, that I thought ‘what is my purpose anyway if not to please my lord?’ It was right then I ‘decided’ to wear the Hijab although I had no Hijab and few appropriate cloths that suit the Hijab. I was seeing a program on Islam Channel, City Sisters, and they mentioned that the believing women started covering themselves immediately the verse of the Hijab was revealed in the Quran. I started wearing the Hijab that moment (not fully) and it was not until March 3rd of 2012 that I started wearing it fully.
Struggles that comes with the hijab
Struggle that surrounds wearing the hijab includes knowing what to wear with what. Understanding the fact that you can’t wear revealing clothes with the Hijab; they just don’t fit. Keeping up with spiteful looks you get from some non-Muslims and even from some Muslims.
The part of the struggle I enjoy most is convincing the non-Muslims that I am fine with the Hijab and I am not in any way oppressed or forced to wear the Hijab.
Different types of people a hijabi meets
As a Hijabi you meet those who appreciate you for whom you are and appreciate you more because of the Hijab.
You also have to deal with friends who think (either jokingly or not) you shouldn’t be with them because of the Hijab!
You meet people who think you are oppressed and shower you with pity faces; one of them is my friend’s roommate who doesn’t seize to ask questions like
She: Must you wear this thing around the hostel?  
Me: Yeah because I could run into someone of the opposite sex
She: Do you wear it in your room?
Me: No except guys are in the room
She: Do you wear it because you are engaged?
Me: You don’t have to be engaged before you wear the Hijab!
If you could remove the hijab, will you?
Nope! I can’t imagine myself going out without the Hijab It’s weird to even think about it.
In conclusion
Dearest Muslim sisters, take up the challenge of wearing the Hijab and see for yourself that you are up to the task.


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