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Beautiful people of the tribe, I am bringing to you a guestpost in this update and I am sure you will enjoy it. We could have more guests writing for the blog, contact me if you are interested.

Author: Kitchen Monster (Oluwakemi Wuraola Oyedepo). 

       "Discrimination was an evil the daughter of my high school's food vendor suffered the six years of high school. Why? Her mother sold food in the school. She paid the same huge amount of money we paid as school fees, wore the same uniform, attended the same classes and did everything required of students but she was hated by the rich who often called her poor. Not because her parents were not rich but because her mother's business was seen as a poor man's..."

A friend reeled out those words the moment she found out I started a catering business in school. She rattled on about how my children may suffer such evil if I started out this way. Many people, like that friend of mine have tried to discourage me by telling how I could find a great job in a high-paying law firm or even a publishing, if I choose to write for them. People sure turn into orators and motivational speakers when you see things they don't see. When you see that people want to upgrade from serving meals like sacrifices to plating food in a manner that clothes your Nigerian Ewedu in a European fur.
When you see that we are what we eat and not what we wear. When you see that it is not only "out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks", but also out of the abundance of the belly, the words are enunciated. When you see happiness in cooking while others see it as burdensome. When you know the key to a man's heart is good food- which fills him with blissful satisfaction. When you see a population dwindling not because of infrastructural inadequacies but because of nutritional deficiencies. It's about time I stopped ranting about all of that and got started with why Khajol brought me here.

    Let's talk about food, y'all!
Food is many things to many people. I don't know what it is to you but to me, I sure do. And that's what I'm here to talk about. As a little child, I loved all forms of food. Some to a higher degree than the others but my love for them all was fixed. I could finish a bowl of rice and whimper until ice cream followed only for the two to be digesting when biscuit joins the chain. (LOL. I fit in for a certified glutton)

    Growing up, however, my taste for food changed. I still loved food but I got classy. I started hating on beans because it looked like faeces. I loved spaghetti and macaroni because their shapes appealed to me. I got reasons for loving some and reasons for detesting others. The reasons revolved round aesthetics, nothing more.
Plantain with efo riro

      Growth continues and I'm still stuck with beautiful meals. Another reason came about and smell began appealing to me. Taste, of course, always has been a part of it. My Mother's magic of adding aroma to good looking and tasty meals got me craving more. As time swept by, I added a reason. The best of them all. Nutritional values. Thanks to 'Foods and Nutrition' in high school. It opened my eyes to nutrition and the struggle to have a balanced diet began. I spent time planning meals with the six classes of food and I passed it on even to the meals I prepared for the family. Food made more sense to me. It still does.

      Many people, when they hear that there's food somewhere or when they see food, there's this burst of Adrenaline. They get excited. Sadly, however, the excitement deflates when they taste the meals. They get disappointed. They say things like "This food tastes horrible", "this is not how I like my cereals" and when I happen to be around while they make such comments, I wonder why they did not make it by themselves. Many men eat horrible food because they think only a woman; a chef or a housemaid should know how to make good food. They say things like "I cannot marry a woman that does not know how to cook". Hey, brother. No woman wants to marry a man that does not know how to cook, too. I strongly believe that everyone should be as excited as they are on the subject of eating food to preparing food. Food preparation should mean something to you if you love your wife, cook with her in the kitchen. Your kitchen might be a better place for building a family than that lush bedroom. Let your kitchen be a haven. Fulfil your calling as 'help mates' to your spouse by making the kitchen alright for him or her. Learn how to cook and love every bit of it. It is a beautiful thing.

      Most times when I tell people this, they say "It's because you are chef." No, baby. I was not a chef at 8 years old when I made my first Amala. Not a chef at 13 when I cooked five measuring bowls of rice by merely following Momma's instructions. Not a chef at 11 when I could make every meal we ate in my house. I'm a chef now. Right. I may not have been one if I had not mastered the art of cooking.  Some others say "It's because your Mum is a caterer." I know a great number of people who can cook "fire" with both parents or mothers being office workers. Some can even cook better than their mothers.

      As I conclude this piece, I implore you to know the art of cooking. Cook the right things- nutritional consideration is key to every meal. God created you. You cannot create a human being, you can create good food. Start now. Who knows, you may chase all other cooking giants in. Food is something that can make or mar you; you cannot do without food. Did you say you can do without food, but not without water? Water is one of the six classes of food, ma. Eat, drink and make merry!

         Thank you very much for reading, guys. I hope to thank you later for commenting. Have a great day, y'all. I love you, too.



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