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Hello lovely people, featuring on the blog today is the ever hardworking, stylish and 100% fashion oriented Hadrat. Hadrat is the CEO of the famous haddieclothing and she manages a bunch of other enterprise. Let’s all go on to read more on this young talented Muslimah.

Khadijah: Give us an introduction

Hadrat: I am Hadrat Abolade Mayowa, 18 years of age. I am an entrepreneur, a student, a designer, a fashion stylist. I am the founder of a non-governmental organisation for Muslimah right, owner of haddieeclothing enterprise and the host of “HOW DO I LOOK MODEST” an online and TV show.

Khadijah: That’s wonderful, how did your enterprise ‘haddieclothing’ start?

Hadrat: After my secondary school education, the struggle to find modest clothing was a bit tasky which prompted me to attend a sewing school which was just for a few months due to my creativity and fast learning ability fashion - wise.

I love modest dressing and I met some Muslimah bloggers which really inspired me. It was during this time I developed and appreciate the intricacies of formal wears and its elegance.

I began creating clothings for myself, sisters and close friends. It then occurred to me that it would be a service to fellow Muslimahs living in Nigeria to develop a clothing line which are made in a socially conscious and sustainable manner that will reflect their lifestyle.

Khadijah: Did you get encouragement from your family?

Hadrat: Yes, my dad got me my first sewing machine when I was a learner. He has so much interest in creativity and he sees such a bright and greater future in it for me.
My mum also gets style catalogue for me and she updates me on any new thing in the fashion industry.
My siblings (brother & sister) are always there to iron dresses (lol), pack them up and run errands at times.

Khadijah: Ma shaa Allah, how was the business like when you started?

Hadrat: It has always been fun for me and it has been very easy for me because I specialize in my line although there's no successful entrepreneur without one or two challenges. Challenges have been coming especially as a young person but with Allah everything has been so easy.

Khadijah: Alhamdulillahi. Is the business better now as compared to when you started?

Hadrat: Yes it's much better now, Alhamdulillahi. I stopped working for now due to some development going on with haddieeclothing. I’m working on being a full time designer so expect more of our designs soon in shaa Allah.

Khadijah: In shaa Allah, we will be on the lookout for it. Where do you see haddieclothing in the future?

Hadrat: Hmmm… I see haddieeclothing as an international online clothing store just as "H&M”, “Marks & Spencer" which are everywhere too.

Khadijah: In shaa Allah, I know you can achieve it because you are hardworking.

Hadrat: Ma shaa Allah sis.

Khadijah: What lessons have you learnt since the beginning of haddieclothing?

Hadrat: I’ve learnt a lot;

1: To be patience with people especially your customers as they say customers are always right.

2: To be steadfast and persevere in whatever situation one finds herself.

3: To be more prayerful and move closer to Allah and a lot more.

Khadijah: Okay, may Allah put barakah.

Hadrat: Amin

Khadijah: Back to a question I should have asked; how do we tune in to watch "how do I look modest"?

Hadrat: How do I look modest is a lifestyle and fashion channel where we offer assistance to muslimahs who need a fashion fix or the lovers of modest wear who think they can't be modest and chic at d same time. For now, we're running the online show then looking forward to start the TV show as soon as possible in shaa Allah.

Khadijah: Okay, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the TV show. Meanwhile I'm sure readers will follow "How_do_I_look_modest" on Instagram.

Khadijah: What does modest fashion mean to you?

Hadrat: To my own little knowledge about Islam and life; modesty is not all about covering the head or being a Muslim, modesty starts from our character, our behaviour, and the way we interact with Muslims and non-Muslims in our society.

Who says fashion wears can’t be modest and chic at the same time?

Whether you wear the hijab or not, modesty is possible with western clothes. It’s all about how you style them! Modest fashion isn't only in Islam but as well in non-Muslims who cover up themselves very well. The basics of modesty is covering the essential parts of our body and looking good always.

Khadijah: Does haddieclothing go with the modest - fashion concept?

Hadrat: Ma shaa Allah, I make modest wears.

Khadijah: Do you get criticism from people regarding your modest-fashion sense?

Hadrat: Sure, that's a normal thing. They ask "must you always make this Alhaja clothes" (lol), some even advise to venture into semi-nude dresses in order to gain more customers and be well-known but it all lies in one's determination and the purpose of starting up the business.

Khadijah: : I admire your determination to engage in only modest wears, barakallahu fihi.

I would love you to examine the scenario of someone who was asked to remove her hijab due to her job. What would you do if you were in her shoes?

Hadrat: Uhnnn, that's a very big question for Muslimahs. To be frank and factual here, let's leave being on a blog apart, I can never remove my hijab for anything. I wasn't forced to start wearing the hijab; I sat down and decided by myself so I don't think I have any reason of pulling my hijab because of anything. I have the believe if the job is mine then its going nowhere, Allah has destined who we are going to be, what we are going to live on and how we are going to live our lives so I believe if the time comes then my job will be there for me.

Khadijah: Thank you very much Hadrat for taking time to answer the questions. We hope to have you on the blog sometime again.

Hadrat: You are welcome.


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  1. Barakallahu fihi Hadrat. May you continue to receive good vibes to do more in sha Allah.

  2. Hadrat is a very hardworking lady.pray Almighty Allah crown all your effort with success.In sha Allah all your dreams will come tru! #MashaAllah

  3. Wow! I love her style. Where is she located pls?

    1. @_2lex, Thanks for enquiring, she is in ilorin. You can follow her on Instagram @haddieeclothing or send an email to


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