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THE HIJAB - with Jalaalat

Lovely people of the tribe, it’s been a long time. Due to my examinations, I have not had time to post here. Anyway, it’s refreshing to be taking a break from reading. In this post, I am writing about Jalaalat who is going to tell us about her hijab life and how she has managed to remain a hijabi.
Tell us about you;        
I am Quadri Jalaalat Olufunmilayo, a 300 level student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (Funaab) studying NUTRITION AND DIETETICS

What do you do for fun?
*Hesitates* Fun?? I watch movies, basically Bollywood and Yoruba nolly (I love Yoruba movies a lot!) And then gisting (when I'm with my friends, I become something else!
What are your hobbies?            Gisting, reading, watching movies (don't forget Yoruba most times and Bollywood movies (I never remember their titles though). Recently, I noticed I derive much pleasure in trying clothes on!... I would spend hours wearing this and wearing that (even when I’ve got nowhere to go; weird, right?)
Have you always been a Muslim?
Yep, I’ve always been a Muslim (from birth till death) In shaa Allah
What led you to covering your hair?
There is no path really; I’ve always covered my hair!
When did you start?
Right from when i was young. Although I remember back then in secondary school, I used to open at times but switched to beret later on! (There was this style I used to rock back then! *laughs out*)
Do you ever feel like hair covering is a burden?
Burden? Not at all. As a matter of fact I appreciate myself more when I’m on hijab! I look finer with my hijab!
How do you reconcile being modest and being chic?
It could be challenging at times. Being a modern day muslimah, you want to strike a balance between being chic and being modest, you want to make sure your clothes are well sewn not forgetting to get different shades of scarves and getting what suits you and the likes! But it has been good all the way, ALHAMDULLILAH. J J
Any word to other hijabis on how to know what to wear and how to wear it?
What I believe is what you wear matters a lot but not as much as you carry yourself, it shouldn't be about your brand but your style as a person. Also as long as it (dressing) is modest, suits the occasion and you feel good in it, you are good to go!
Who are your favourite hijabi fashionistas?
I like Feeeya, Basma k, thejaysisters, hajia_belle, our very own gmamasweetf and a whole lot of others!
Does the hijab restrict you?
Not at all, infact people tend to show their admiration. They appreciate most times!
What are the colours you like to wear?
Colours! colours!! colours!!! I wear every and any colour as long as it goes well with what am planning to put on at that time!
What would you like to say to hijabis?
To aspiring hijabis and other hijabis; truly our hijab doesn't really represent how religious we are nor does it mean we are better than the girl who isn't covered but I'll say being covered is a very good thing, even when your iman is low you still have that feeling that you belong to Islam! In addition, the very precious things are well kept and covered and what could be more precious than a covered muslimah that has MODESTY as her watchword? May Allah make it easy on us all and increase us on this deen, Al-Islam! Bye
Dearest Hijabi, this post is aimed at building your confidence in the hijab and I hope this post achieved its’ aim.
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  1. Jallycable d pretty haija, ( most dress) luv ya style hijab sis still Sexy and classic. More grace to ya elbow. More motivation and strength for Allahu


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