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HANAN TEHAILI – Modest & Chic





HANAN TEHAILI – Modest & Chic

Hello dearies. Guess who I am featuring today! Allow me to present to you Hanan Tehaili, a hijab stylist and blogger. She is one of my favourite hijab – fashion bloggers and I am over the moon (really excited) to be having her here on my blog!

How did the enterprise hijabsbyhanan come to being? When? 

Hijabs by Hanan started in 2012 locally within Toronto, ON as a hijab stylist. I started becoming more known and active on social media in November 2013. I was inspired to become a hijab stylist by my mom’s friend in Lebanon who is a renowned hijab stylist. I was visiting one summer in Lebanon and loved what she did so I brought it to Canada and began experimenting with my own hijab styles and people loved it. Through social media, I began receiving a lot of positive feedback from my readers regarding my hijab styles and my outfit posts and they wanted to see more. This inspired me to continue to inspire hijabis globally looking for positive encouragement of wearing hijab and how to look good in hijab.

What do you do for fun? 

Depends on the day! Some days I love being active and participating in activities like paintballing and jet - skiing and other days I love to lay back and watch a good movie :)

Were you born a Muslim? 

Yes, both my parents are Muslim. Alhamdulilah.

Have you always been covering your hair or is there something that triggered it? 

I wore the hijab at the age of 11 by choice. I was the first amongst my siblings to tell my mom I wanted to wear it. I was definitely triggered by my positive surroundings. My mom wore the hijab, my best friend at the time wore hijab, and on every sunday attending arabic school the teachers would speak positively about hijab.

Do you ever feel like hair covering is a burden or do you feel restricted because of the hijab? 

Every person covering their hair will feel this way once in a while especially living in a non-muslim country. It’s a normal feeling to have but the best part is feeling that way and having the willpower to continue wearing hijab. I believe Allah rewards those who struggle and defeat the struggle.

Reconciling being modest yet fashionable, how do you do that? 

I love fashion and dressing up but wearing hijab you need to be covered in areas of your body that sometimes fashion today doesn't necessarily agree with. This used to make it hard for hijabis to look good or to follow trends. But times have changed. Alhamdulilah so many modest clothing stores have opened and an era of modest fashion has sprung which made it easier to be modestly fashionable. I also found that layering is key when trying to be modest using clothing from stores in malls.

Any tips for hijabis on how to do be modestly dressed yet feel beautiful? 

Yes! Find your style. Take inspiration from a fashionista that embeds your style. Take it and make it your own :)

What drives you to do what you do; what motivates you? 

My drive comes from my love for fashion, my love for hijab and my love for helping others. What accomplishments are you most proud of?  I am humbled and proud that I am able to inspire girls all around the world to put on hijab or continue wearing hijab. I get a lot of emails and messages regarding this especially girls telling me they will be wearing hijab on their wedding day because of me. 

What was the best vacation you have ever taken? 

My honeymoon in Malaysia!!!! :)

What colours are you comfortable in most? 

I love all colors but I find that I am always drawn to pastels.

Who is your favourite hijabi – fashionista? 

Hard to choose!! But I am always WOW'd by mrmr__4.

As a wrap, is there anything you will like to add for other hijabis or aspiring hijabis on how to be beautifully dressed?

Yes! I would say its 80% apparel and 20% confidence. Own what you're wearing. Feel confident in it and you will look beautiful.



Dearest Hijabi, I hope you have gained some confidence in the hijab from this post? Stay tuned for more from me. Be Confident! Be Beautiful!

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