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Hi lovelies, chapman is a common Nigerian drink made from a mixture of soda and fruits. This is a great idea for the next time you want to have an in - door gathering, out - door celebration, girls’ night in, get together, or a birthday bash. I am definitely doing this on one of such occasions.


You need

þ  Lemon / lime (or both)

þ  50cl Fanta (Orange Soda)

þ  50cl Sprite (Lime and lemon flavoured soda)

þ  Orange

þ  Grenadine Syrup (or zobo drink made from Roselle leaves)

þ  Cucumber

þ  Ice cubes

Angostura bitters (alcoholic) it is commonly used but I skipped this. A capful is sufficient for those who might want to add it.

·       Add half a cup of zobo drink into a jug then pour the Fanta and Sprite into the jug. If you would rather use grenadine syrup, use the same quantity.

·       Cut the lemon into two halves and squeeze the juice out of the first half into the jug, do this for the lime too. Slice the other halves into the jug. Slice the cucumber and oranges into the jug this is to give the chapman flavour, leave few slices for garnishing. Do not remove the skins of the fruits.

·       Serve in a cup; add a few slices of fruits and some ice cubes. Best served chilled; serve with any snack of your choice.


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