Saturday, 22 August 2015


Hello lovely people, I know it has been a long time and that’s because I have been super busy; I am literarily drowning in school work. Now that I am here, let’s get personal. Some time ago, after I put up a post, someone asked me this; ‘What inspired your food blog?’ I gave a reply which I later thought to be inadequate. I asked myself the same question later on; what really inspired my food blog?

Growing up I never really got to cook. I had enough sisters and as I am the last girl I don’t get to be in the kitchen much. Also, my mum likes getting things done on her own so I only get to do the menial chores and run petty errands. Whenever I got the chance, I would try making something. I remember this one time I fried seasoning cubes in oil, I can’t recall what I was trying to cook perhaps jollof rice. I ended up burning the seasoning and messing things up in the kitchen. I got a lot of teasing whenever I tried to cook. But I loved to cook noodles; that is one thing I was really good at.  Making noodles with thinly fried egg (I should post the recipe for this sometime soon). The only thing I used to cook asides noodles was rice, which isn’t a big deal, because according to my aunt, she could cook rice with her two eyes closed.  Anyway that was then; I have now learnt how to make myself useful in the kitchen. Cooking used to be out of necessity but it is now a hobby I can’t let go of.

So I decided to take this hobby of mine to the next level by creating this blog to share and gain food ideas. Also a major inspiration is Dunni of dooneyskitchen, she is a UK based food blogger with the best food inventions.  



After two hours of cooking, I ended up with these. Soup and stew for the next week! Recipe will be posted when I’m not drowning in school work.
OKAY, Bye guys.

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