Saturday, 1 August 2015


Hey lovelies,I know it has been a long time and that’s why I’m putting up this really short post. I don’t know what to call it but you can call it GOODNESS ON A STICK. This is from two months ago so I don’t have step by step images to back up this post but I bet you all are going to find it pretty easy. This is a friend's idea and I made it on my last birthday; because I couldn’t decide what to do.

You need

Meat; could be chicken, beef



Vegetable oil

Skewer (sticks)



Pepper (Ata rodo)



Dice the meat (the meat should not be tiny as it will shrink while cooking). Place the meat in a pot and season (add salt, onions and any other seasoning you like). Add little water to the pot and cook the meat till it is soft. (khajol’s tip: use only little water while cooking meat to get a really tasty and concentrated stock. If the meat is a tough one, decant the stock after cooking for a while, add little water and re-season lightly then add the stock you decanted). Using a perforated spoon, bring out the meat from the stock and set the meat aside. You will need the stock too, so don’t pour it away just yet.  

Blend the pepper, tomatoes with some onions until it reaches a not very smooth consistency. Dice some onions, put a pot on the cooker, and add little vegetable oil. Pour the onions into the vegetable oil and saut̩ for a short while then pour the blended mixture of tomatoes, pepper and onions. Add the meat stock and taste, add some more seasoning if it is not to your taste. Cook for 20 Р30 minutes; until you have gotten rid of all water and the sauce is very thick. Add your meat to the sauce and mix.

Slice your plantain; add little salt to taste and fry with vegetable oil. Slice your cucumber too; it is preferably round but it depends on you. Now, get your skewer and secure the plantain, meat and cucumber on them until you run out of plantain, meat or cucumber. There you have the goodness on a stick.

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