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Hi everyone, welcome to the very first post on THE HIJABI’S PAGE. THE HIJABI’S PAGE will be about how Hijabi’s manage being chic with being modest when nudity is the new black. I will be featuring different fashion Hijabis in each post, In shaa Allah. I started this blog as a means to reach out to all Hijabis out there who think you can’t wear the hijab with style and to those who think to wear the Hijab means to dress shabbily. The blog is dedicated to all Hijabis and all aspiring Hijabis.

The first person featuring on this blog is a very special person; she is my namesake (maybe I chose her to be the first guest on my blog because she is my namesake or maybe it is because of her special personality). She is the beautiful and talented Garuba Khadijah, she is a fashion blogger, a turban stylist and a medical student in Ukraine. She has got such a beautiful character. When I told her about my intention to feature her, not minding the pain I could be, she said ‘I’m honoured and I’m interested.’ Let’s get to know this inside and outside beauty;

Let’s meet you;

I am Garuba Khadijah,popularly known as dimplekhadi of

What do you do for fun?

 I take pictures; I love taking pictures

Were you born a Muslim?

Yes, I have always been a Muslim.

When did you start hair covering?

I have been covering my hair since I was young.

Do you ever feel like hair covering is a burden?

I have never felt like it is a burden because I look finer in it

How do you reconcile being modest and being chic?

I believe a lady has to be covered to be chic

Who is your favourite hijabi – fashionista?

I like Basma k’s dressing

Do you feel like you are restricted because of the hijab?


Do you think the Hijab make people look at you differently?

Nah, People look and admire most times

What colours are you comfortable in most?

I wear any and every colour, as long as it goes well with my outfit. I find myself wearing more of flashy colours… I’m actually not the shy type

As a wrap, any word for other hijabis or aspiring hijabis?

The precious stones are found well covered beneath the ground so feel comfortable being well covered because Muslimahs are more precious than Diamonds.

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